Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Bath Is Worth 1000 Pictures

And these pictures are priceless!



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My First Wedding Crash

Recently I was chatting with a gentleman I know who was excitedly telling me about his daughter's wedding plans.  The more he revealed the more intrigued I was, this was not sounding like your standard church wedding!  So I told him I might have to crash it and he said that I should!  He told me it's a church wedding and everyone's invited to the I convinced hubby we should go as we technically had a sort of invite and we would only be partial crashers.  Hubby is a good sport!

My friend P was also attending (legitimately) so we arranged to meet in the balcony of the church and experience a bird's eye view.

First though, here's what I wore! *insert eye roll here*
Dress: George *coughWalmartcough*, Hair Piece: moi, Clutch: Transit, Shoes: Born

And here's P making her grand entrance
P's dress is a lovely colour-blocked number that she scored on a major sale!
We are all about good deals :)

The wedding was a 1920s theme to P brought out the pearls!  One can never go wrong with pearls.

Okay, now on the actual wedding.

The Anglican church were the service was built in 1789 by the Loyalists and is beyond beautiful.  
I love how the photographer looks like total paparazzi leaning from the balcony! 

Here's another shot of the beautiful arches

See the bride?  She's wearing a gold dress and black t-strap heels!  How fabulous!

I had to share this photo. Not only is the bride the coolest person ever for her fab '20s style (notice gold mesh finger-less gloves!) , look how chic this wedding guest is!  I love her outfit.

This is the bride's mom, and her 2 helpers...they are ringing the church bells right after the ceremony!

It really was a lovely service.  An attendant carried the cross down the isle first, then the Priest made his entrance and took his place. Next the Bride and Groom walked down together!  I thought that was a nice idea - and they looked so excited.  Then the wedding party followed.
After the vows were spoken the Priest, who was actually the Bride's father, said this was his favourite part of the liturgy "you may now greet each other" and of course they kissed and everyone cheered.  

All in all, I'm glad I crashed the wedding and I'm glad hubby obliged and crashed with me.  Also, kudos to P for sitting with the crashers ;)

I might just have to do that again some time! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

All the Single Ladies, All the Little Ladies

My husband has been known to sing "All The Single Ladies" to our little Yorkies.  Sometimes he keeps the phrases as is, and sometimes he changes it to "All the little ladies".  It's hilarious.  It's also the only line of the song either of us know.

Anyway, I thought it was high time for some gratuitous dog photos.  Here goes.
This was taken today at hubby's office.  I'm working on a project and for reasons I will someday explain, they needed party hats.

Due to Carlie's constant head tilting, see above, I couldn't get the hastily made party hat to stay on

Tiffy obliged very nicely though

This was taken last night.  Hubby ran in a store to grab some groceries and I stayed in the car with the ladies to maintain temperature control.  Isn't she just the cutest little thing?!

Here's the two of them, happy as can be 

And Carlie, enjoying the sunshine.  Adorable!

All the single ladies, oh my little ladies.

I'll leave you with a SNL 'Single Ladies' sketch. Now the stinkin' song is in my head ;)
The quality is awful, but watch it for a minute and get a little laugh.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Extra Bounce

My hair has been pin straight my whole life and while I pretty much embrace that, I do get bored.  This would be a bored phase.  Also, as I mentioned before, it's kind of a lazy phase.  Because my hair is so straight and my scalp is so oily, I have to wash it everyday.  And, that means I have to blow it dry and style it everyday so it doesn't just hang lifelessly around my face.
I want something lower maintenance.  Also, I've been curling my hair more often and it's just not practical.
So, I've decided to go back to the perm, that faithful curl that does not require 40 minutes with a curling iron and doesn't fall and droop with all the maritime fog.  Oh perm, we are reunited at last!

Cathy at Hairacy's uptown did it for me.  She did my last perm too.  I trust her, she's a lady who knows her stuff!
Here's a pic of me in her chair with my newly curly hair.  It's still wet and she's trimming some of my layers to accentuate the curls.

She dried it a little bit with a diffuser and sent me on my merry way
Here's my hair about an hour later:
I really like how natural the curls look.

Details:  It was an acid perm, not ammonia, so it would be gentler on my hair.  Also, she used 3 different sizes of perm rods to give that 'natural but better look' as she called it.

Do you get bored with your hair? Do you change it seasonally?  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hat & Handbag Party!

As promised, a picture from the hat and handbag party last night. I'm in pink and M is wearing a vintage cloche style hat that belonged to her grandmother!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hair News and a Party!

I've decided to get a perm again.  I love the look of big, soft curls.  Also, I love that with a perm in my hair I can go from washing my hair everyday to every 3 days!  I'll admit it: I am lazy.  I'd rather spend time sleeping in than doing my hair in the morning.

Here is (pretty much) my current hair; my bangs are longer and side swept now:

This is the inspiration that I'm taking to the hairdresser on Thursday:
I'm going for a bigger curl than my last perm, more of a bouncy wave.
I'm trusting this can be accomplished, my hairdresser seems pretty confident!

I will report back with after pictures!

Tonight I'm off to a hat and handbag party!  I'm wearing the hat I tweaked from Etsy, seen in this post and the dress I wore when I met the Duchess of Cornwall.  Can you believe I forgot to bring my matching handbag? Oh well, such is life I suppose.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blogger Challenge Outfit

Contest time!
At the bottom of this post is the photo I submitted for the Exchange on Germain Blogger Challenge.  The entire outfit, hat to shoes, is under $100.  You can vote for my picture on their facebook page.  If my photo wins I get a $50 gift certificate to Exchange on Germain to giveaway on my blog & one to keep! 

This outfit didn`t make the cut...but you will see that I did end up wearing the hat by Betmar.  I just can`t say no to a good hat.  If I win the gift certificate I will definitely pick that up...maybe even if I don`t win :)

I love polka dots, they are just so happy.

Here`s a flash fail in the dressing room

I love this blouse by Jacob.  Would have been a steal at $25 but you can see it`s been marked down even lower!

These were the 2 sandal options I was toying with.  Both were really cute and under $30.

This is the sundress by Kensie that beat the polka dot dress for this contest.  Teal is my favourite colour and this was just so light and pretty!

I had to wear the red hat. The Jacob blouse is the exact shade as one of the colours in the dress and the fabrics are both light.  
The sandals are Azaleia and are soo comfy. I love that they are tan & have a little hint of red that tie in the hat.

For your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Exchange on Germain view the album and vote for my outfit by liking it on facebook HERE.  Also, make sure you leave a comment below.  I'd love to know your 'best find' while shopping!

Thanks to Emma of Exchange on Germain for taking this photo!  Pop in to the shop to see her if you can.  She`s friendly and funny and knows the inventory really well. 

Exchange on Germain sells both mens and womens clothing and accessories.  They carry every thing from J.Crew to Prada and accept consignment.  It`s a great way to earn a little extra cash and clear out some room in your closet.
I've linked up with Visible Monday as well!


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